The Letter to the Trustees Revisited

Larry D. Green

CU Graduate ’82

I mentioned in my Introduction to the Open Letter that I had written to the Board of Trustees before their decision on the reinstatement of Thomas White as President.  I had not yet released that letter as I was still giving them time to respond.  As the pastor of the Church that gave birth to the University, I think my request was reasonable.  

I asked them to 1) correct any errors in my understanding of the events and 2) answer two simple questions.  

It has been three weeks and still no response of any kind from any member of the board. 

There was a time, not that many years ago (Spring of 2013), when the Chairman of the Trustees of Cedarville, Lorne Scharnberg at the time, contacted me for help when they had a different, but somewhat related issue. I was chairman of the board of another organization and they needed my assistance in understanding our position on a particular matter.  Not only did I take the call, and explain exactly what our statements meant and didn’t mean, I also provided him with a two page detailed explanation that he could share with the CU board (I still have a copy of that correspondence).  Simply to say, I have enjoyed a very collegial relationship with the board of Cedarville University over many years, both personally and professionally. What changed since the Spring of 2013?  Dr. Thomas White.   

Imagine that?  Now the trustees won't even acknowledge receipt of my letter, let alone answer a few questions that my congregation deserves to have answered. So I am providing the body of that letter exactly as I sent it to them [with a few names excluded] and without the extended introduction (most of which is in the Introduction to the Open Letter). 

This letter was sent to the Trustees which was emailed as an attachment on June 19, 2020. Please read for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Read the Letter sent to CU Trustees
Larry D. Green

CU Graduate ’82

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